How to Make Sushi at Home for Beginners (Restaurants Quality)

Learn how to make sushi from scratch step by step with a Sushi and Asian Chef with over than 10 years experience.

Duration: 45mins divided to 12 online recorded at your convenience Lessons in a condensed easy to follow course. Always accessible in your website dashboard.

Level: For Beginners and Intermediates. All Lessons are outlined below.

Language: Arabic Lebanese

كورس كيف بتعملو سوشي بالبيت مع شيف اكتر من ١٠ سنين خبرة بالمطبخ الآسيوي. الكورس ٤٥ دقيقة مقسم إلى ١٢ درس مسجل اونلاين.

sushi course plate

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  • When does the course start? The course is recorded and saved online in your personal dashboard on website. You can watch it anytime at your convenience.
  • How do I pay? After registration, you will receive an email with payment details, you can pay OMT/Western Union/Whish in Lebanon or outside Lebanon (or Cash pickup if in Beirut)
  • Will I always have access to the course? Yes you will always have access to your course on website. You can login anytime with your email to your student dashboard.
  • I am a beginner can I learn how to make sushi in this course? Yes this course is made for beginners and intermediates. It covers all the basics for making restaurants quality sushi at home.
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